Airheads Jump Cheats

Airheads Jump Cheats

The speediest rising session of the week on the iTunes App store is Airheads Jump!

dimwits hop cheats

So we set up together a fast guide and setup our hack tool with a couple cool tricks for the game.

Leading if the game looks recognizable at all this is on the grounds that it likely is. Dimwits bounce was created by the same organization that concocted the game Skyline Skaters. In this game you have to advance through the levels without getting got by the tiki whose pursuing you. As you beat levels in the game you’ll open new characters to play with.

At any rate in the event that you utilize our dimwits hop cheat tool you can open every one of these characters with two or three ticks!

So enough discussing the game how about we get excessively it!

Open all characters cheat: This hack is precisely what it sounds like. By enacting this you can open every one of the characters in the game and play with them almost immediately. In the event that this sounds like something you would be keen on you can do it by utilizing the accompanying code as a part of our overhauled ios hack tool: 6940342

Twofold power ups: One of the key things you have to overwhelm the levels in this game are force ups. Magnets, bubbles, mushrooms, multipliers… these things can represent the deciding moment you on a level. In any case by enacting this trick you will wind up getting twofold the measure of force ups through out your levels which can truly help you break high scores. To utilize this one the code is: 6940233

Airheads Jump Cheats

Begin the level with 100 coins: This one is the most straightforward haha. So this trick will give you 100 coins comfortable start of the match. As should be obvious in the picture beneath it demonstrates 148/120 coins despite the fact that you’ve very earned 48 coins (which you can find in the upper right hand of the screen.)

Airheads Jump Cheats
Airheads Jump Cheats

That is all we have starting now for dunces hop, we will upgrade this post as more stuff is included. That said on the off chance that you have any game you need more tricks or hacks for simply leave us a remark and let us know. The games that get the most demands we’ll focus on getting the most stuff for.

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