Color Switch Hack for High Score

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Color Switch Hack for High Score

Shading Switch is another score based test game, made and discharged by Fortafy Games. The engineer is entirely new on the scene, having just two recreations as such, the first being the not all that effective Thug WormΒ  .

Shading Switch is appraised 4.4/5 stars on the Google Play Store, while in the meantime it appreciates a 4.5/5 stars rating on the Apple App Store . The game is discharged under the name of Samuel Ratumaitakuvi on the App Store, however it’s precisely the same as on Android. Joined through the two stores the game has as of now come to over a million downloads in a brief span since its discharge, and it’s simply soaring much higher. Is it as addicting of course? We should discover!

Color Switch Hack for High Score and No Ads Unlock

Would you like to open no advertisements and high score in Color Switch for nothing? Download our free Color Switch hack tool now, straight from our webpage. This device will effortlessly and rapidly permit you to open high score and no promotions.

The Color Switch hack tool is super easy to utilize. See the picture underneath? This is the thing that it would seem that. Simply download it and snap the catch that says “begin.” Enter the score you need. Jailbreaking or APK pulling is not required for the Color Switch hack to work.

Download our Color Switch hack from our site. It’ll take 30 seconds for the download to complete the process of, contingent upon your Internet association. At that point, you’ll have to introduce the hack. This is an additional 30 seconds. Ensure you select iOS or Android before beginning the hack. The no promotions will be set to open naturally, however you need to sort in the score you need.. There are no studies that should be rounded out to utilize the Color Switch hack app . It’s all totally free!

Click the enormous “begin” catch to start the hack. After the hack has completed, which ought to just take around 30 seconds, open the application on your gadget such as would be expected. Your high score will be stacked and the promotions will be no more!

About Color Switch

Shading Switch is one of those games that are intended to be played to push your cutoff points and test your aptitudes. It’s a game that is disappointing at in the first place, however once you show signs of improvement at it, it turns into a pleasant test. The shortsighted artstyle and gameplay both accomodate this configuration choice, which may be a formula for an addicting game.

Be that as it may, what precisely is this game? It’s very basic, really: You control a ball, which can be moved upwards by tapping on the screen over and over. One tap will give it a little help, then it will fall down, yet tapping over and over will keep the ball moving for whatever length of time that you keep doing as such. The trap comes in the way that there are snags ahead, and you need to go through them unharmed.

Color Switch Hack

Every deterrent is comprised of one or numerous sorts of shapes, for example, a circle, square, triangle, a cluster of lines, a cross or spots. Parts of each of these shapes are likewise hued in one of four hues: red, yellow, purple and light blue. Your ball likewise has a solitary shading, yet it doesn’t finish what has been started for long, as you should move it through shading switches subsequent to passing every shape hindrance. These shading switches then change the ball’s shading to another arbitrary one of the four conceivable ones, which will permit it to go through the same hued parts of snags.

Your objective in Color Switch is to gather whatever number stars as could be expected under the circumstances, which will give you a score taking into account what number of you got before allowing so as to come up short the ball fall down, or by touching parts of a hindrances that is diversely hued than the ball. The stars are constantly situated amidst shapes or in the middle of them, in this way going through them is required to accumulate stars and score focuses.

In any case, it’s not as simple as it may sound at to start with, as every shape will likewise always turn or move, and a few deterrents even contain various shapes, every turning or moving at various velocities. Flawless timing and tolerance are required to be effective at this testing title.

While the game has no in-application buys or monetary standards of any sort, it highlights worldwide leaderboards, where you can see the most elevated scores ever, and use it as an inspiration to improve. Shading Switch as far as anyone knows additionally has accomplishments, yet these don’t work right now. What works however are promotions, and these show up as pop-in advertisements after each sixth or seventh retry, yet it just takes a second to stop out of them.

Cheats and Tips for Color Switch

Since Color Switch highlights no in-application buys or any money, tricks are restricted to ones that identify with the gameplay. It may be elusive tricks for such a game, yet I’m here to give you a few indications, furthermore to give tips and traps that may get your highscore considerably higher!

Most likely one of the simplest tricks you will need to attempt in this game is the capacity to stay down toward the start of every score beating endeavor. When you begin another endeavor, you don’t need to continously keep the ball noticeable all around similar to the case more than 1 score. Until you pass the main obstruction, you can simply disappoint the ball fall and stay put at the base of the gadget, then move it up once more. This won’t not be deliberate and be a bug, but rather utilize this trap to give yourself an opportunity to get ready!

This is a game that will surely disturb you to start with, yet don’t surrender! Rather, attempt to take in the examples of the obstructions, as they will return haphazardly. Every time you play the game the snags will be distinctively set, yet there is a limited number of them, so recognizing what’s in store later on can be valuable.

Another extraordinary tip to remember in Color Switch is that you can keep the ball noticeable all around for whatever length of time that you need between obstructions, so you can sit tight for the ideal time to progress. Try not to surge it, and rather attempt to sit tight for the ideal chance to move. This is particularly essential in situations where there are two obstructions hindering the way, yet every moves at an alternate pace.

Color Switch Hack Review

Shading Switch is much the same as those games that I tend to love forever. It has a shortsighted artstyle that fits on cell phones consummately. It likewise has gameplay that is anything but difficult to get into, however while remaining exceedingly difficult in the meantime.

To be completely forthright, amid the initial 15 or so minutes I was truly disappointed and irritated with this game, as I neglected to move past score 3 for a period that appeared to be any longer than it ought to have been. The general gameplay workman of tapping the ball and keeping it noticeable all around always is not as simple as one may think just by taking a gander at the screenshots, and it requires a decent vibe for timing to ace. At that point the way that the ball changes hues and can’t go through diversely hued snags makes it significantly trickier, additionally more fun.

It took me around 30 minutes to feel more guided into the experience, and I figured out how to get more than 10 score at this point. It felt marvelous when I at last achieved only 8 focuses, as it was such a change from the battle toward the starting. In the wake of passing the one hour mark, I was at that point going after the 20s of focuses. I wound up with 25, keeping in mind it won’t not seem like much, it’s a significant deed in the dubious title that is Color Switch.

The gameplay of shading changing and thinking through every snag may appear to be well known on a first sight, yet the gameplay feels special and not like whatever other game that I know of. Potentially the main negative I can consider are the advertisements, in spite of the fact that they are not as incessant as they could be, but rather it’s still a bit of irritating to see them over and over.

While there may be encounters near this, the shading changing, ball tapping and quick moving gameplay of Color Switch is something that you unquestionably need to attempt, particularly on the off chance that you cherish these ‘so disappointing it’s great’ recreations! Bear in mind to challenge your companions too, as this can be an extraordinary game to flaunt your abilities!


Fine art: The fine art of Color Switch gets a 8/10. This is an game that doesn’t attempt to inspire with reasonable representation or fresh out of the box new artstyles, it just goes for one of the easiest plans conceivable, and pulls it off. This craftsmanship just accomodates the gameplay in the right way, making this vibe like an affair secured from all sides.

Music and SFX: The music and SFX gets a 8/10 from me. While the quick paced, moderate electronic music of the game is very addicting to listen to, I observed it to be entirely diverting, as it wrecks up my rythm of taps. It’s not a genuinely negative thing, but rather once I killed the music my scores just soar. The SFX are incredible, particularly as gathering stars feels like a genuine achievement just by listening to the sounds they make.

Story and Originality: I give the creativity of Color Switch a 8/10. This is a really novel thought, which may have been motivated by other score based test recreations with moderate outline. Still, the gameplay workman itself feels crisp and fresh out of the box new, which is a major positive.

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