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Crazy Gods MOD APK Contents

1. About Crazy Gods
2. Crazy Gods MOD APK Feature
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4. More Crazy Gods Overview

About Crazy Gods

There is another new RPG game that is present on the mobile game scene today, namely Crazy Gods – God of Mosquitoes. Crazy Gods Game – The God of Mosquitoes is carried by Maingames with the theme of war between two camps, namely gods and demons, which is interesting. Indeed, the theme is often enough to be used, but what really sets this game apart from other similar games is the presence of unique and funny characters from Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West.

In terms of language, this game supports three languages, English (EN), and Mandarin (CN). You can change this language setting in Settings if you feel that it does not match the language you have chosen.

Playing this game using Crazy Gods mod apk will enchance your battle in the future. You can get unlimited gold that leads to many benefits. You can convert it to unlimited energy or claim many gold that you want.

Crazy Gods MOD APK Feature

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Get Crazy Gods MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Bug repairs along with optimizations

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

More Crazy Gods Overview

When you first register and play this game, you will be asked to choose a server. There are currently around 40 servers available, and will continue to grow along with the increasing number of players.

After finishing selecting a server, you will be asked to choose a hero. This hero is divided into two, namely Main Hero and Free Hero. Main Hero is the main hero that cannot be replaced, while Free Hero is a supporting hero that you can replace.

In Main Hero, there are 3 categories that you can choose, namely Male Hero, Devil Hero, and Female Hero. You can only choose one hero from these three categories. As for Free Heroes, there are more than 50 Free Heroes that you can choose and play. Free Hero is also divided into four categories based on its rarity, namely gold, purple, blue, and green.

Each hero is equipped with special skills, namely solo skills and combined skills (combos). Solo skill is a unique power possessed by each hero equipped with variations in the amount of damage (attack) and power (strength). Combo skills can only be obtained if the player combines compatible heroes, such as a combination of Guan Yu – Liu Bei – Zhang Fei.

Fate is a unique feature that only the Crazy Gods game has. To get this feature, players must find a hero that matches their hero to add to the passive abilities of your hero. Passive status that can be obtained varies, between 10% to 35% ATK / HP.

Even though this game has an auto battle concept, players must still be careful in placing their hero positions. Formation is important because this factor determines our victory in battle. For the formation is divided into two, namely the front and rear formation. 2 heroes in front and 2 heroes in the back.

Not only do you set the hero formation in battle, you also have to raise the level of your heroes. The higher the hero level, the higher your battle points. These battle points show how strong your team is, the higher the battle points, the stronger the team and the chance to win.

Guild is a gathering place for players, forming a group to attack other guilds in Guild Wars. Besides Guild Wars, there are other guild features, namely Donation Guild, Onsen Guild, Guild Tech, and many others.

Here, you can fight other players. You are given a slot 5x the chance to challenge other players. The higher the ranking of the players you invite to a duel, the better and more prizes you can get. These prizes will generally be in the form of arena points that you can exchange for gold or hero souls.

Boss Raid is a daily event where all players in one server get together and defeat Boss. You can fight the boss twice a day, which is morning and night. All players must cooperate with each other in defeating the boss and dealing a lot of damage to the boss for a duration of 30 minutes. If the player succeeds in defeating the boss, a boss reward and fragment will be given as pets.

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

Pet is obtained through Raid Boss. The function of the pet is to increase the players ATK / DEF and also decrease the opponents ATK / DEF. You can increase the level to add passive skill slots. This passive skill slot has a maximum of 5 slots.

Like RPG games in general, Crazy Gods – God of Mosquitoes also has a special event with special prizes as well. This event wont always be there, so make sure you can participate in every event provided by the game.


Thats all for a review of Crazy Gods – the God of Mosquitoes. If you are interested in playing this game, then you can already get it for free on Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS. Have you ever played this game? Dont forget to use Crazy Gods cheats to get unlimited money.


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