Darkness Rises Mods, Hacks, Bots and other Cheats for Android / iOS

Is it possible to cheat in Darkness Rises on Android / iOS?
Cheating is indeed possible in Darkness Rises using multiple methods including the use of modified game files, bots, macros, game hacking tools and more. The most popular way of cheating is to download modified game clients in the form of modded apps online. However, it is not possible to get unlimited health, infinite free gems, gold, items or power using any cheat, since Darkness Rises is an online RPG and your savegame data is stored on the Nexon game servers that cannot be hacked using any means.

Drakness Rises Hacks

Hacks are more commonly known in mobile gaming as ‘mods’, since they usually come in the form of modded APKs or IPAs for Android and iOS respectively. These mods are hacked or modified, as the name would imply, versions of the game that can simply be downloaded and installed instead of the original game. After installing a Darkness Rises hack, all one needs to do is to start the game as usual and the game will start up with cheats enabled right out of the box. The only real downside to using mods to cheat in Drakness Rises and any other mobile game is that the mod will be outdated as soon as the game gets updated. – That means that you have to search out fresh mods every once in a while, download and reinstall the cheats often.

Darkness rises hacks can be anything from zoomhacks, wallhacks, auto attack mods, damage hacks, damage reduction hacks and more depending on how client-reliant the game is. Hacks can be useful in PvP and PvE content alike. However, it is impossible to get free gems, free purchases or unlimited health, items ect through the use of any hack or mod. Find mobile game mods.

darkness rises farming bot

Darkness Rises Bots

Bots or ‘robots’ is what we call any app or software that automatically plays a game, such as Darkness Rises, for you and farms gold, gems, daily quests, gear, crafting materials, fish, the wheel of fortune ect automatically without you having to actually play the game at all. Bots are the closest thing you can get to a gold hack or a gems cheat in Darkness Rises, since a bot will be able to farm these resources continuously over essentially unlimited time, making you slowly but surely unlimited free gems, gold, gear ect. Bots will also easily be able to get you the resources and items / gold required to get maxed A and S quality items on your characters, they can auto farm dungeons, raids and other missions for essences, fusing fodder ect. The only thing a bot will suck at is PvP. However, setting up a bot or finding a script to download is the hard part here. Generally it is recommended that you try to set up your own macro bot using emulators and macro recording software. There are also ways of doing this on iOS and Android directly, but they are still extremely inefficient.
How to create a mobile game bot yourself.

darkness rises mods download

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How to Hack Drakness Rises

If you are so inclined or you cannot find working hacks and mods for Darkness Rises, you may want to try to hack the game yourself using game hacking tools. These tools usually will require a rooted device or a virtual environment app to work correctly, so do keep that in mind when trying to create your own cheats. The best tool to use are generally speaking memory editors for bot Android and iOS, such as GameGuardian, GameGem, SB Game Hacker and similar apps.

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