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The giant game publisher who created many blockbuster titles on smartphone platforms is ready to roll out their next game – Disorder. And it’s expected to be a huge success. Find out more about this amazing game with our review.

Disorder 1.3 APK Story

It’s the near future of 2030, but it’s not what we’ve always expected. No green forest, no clean cities, no highly-developed facilities, no nothing.

The game takes place in the post-apocalyptic future where humanity has suffered from the devastation that we’ve brought on ourselves, the powerful yet deadly technology of nuclear has been used for violent purposes.

Thus, here we are, standing on the rubble of the civilization that our ancestors have spent generations to build up. In additions, as we’re speaking, there are still wars raging on between different factions all over the world.

It’s your task to bring peace to this war-torn world. Take on exciting gameplay as you discover the amazing world of Disorder.

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Disorder 1.3 APK Features

Take on the ultimate shooting experiences where players will go against powerful factions that own nuclear weapons in your mission to get rid of this deadly weapon. In additions, you can take on online players in exciting online battles. Here you’ll find some of the most exciting features in Disorder:

Enhanced and optimized controls for touchscreen

Normally, most gamers would find the touchscreen a little bit hard to get familiar with, especial when you’re playing a demanding game such as Disorder. That’s not the case with Disorder as the game features enhanced and optimized controls for touchscreen, allowing you to truly enjoy the control system. Take on various enemies, make uses of your comfortable controls to evade their attacks and fire at them with great accuracy.

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Various game modes to enjoy

To start with, players can experience the world of Disorder by taking on the single-player missions. Choose your characters and explore their own different stories. With each character, you’ll gain access to a whole new story and unique sets of missions. Complete them with great honor as you’ll also earn tons of valuable rewards.

And if you think that playing offline isn’t what you prefer anymore, you can join other players from all over the world in the online Battle Royale games at any time. Compete for the final title as you take on many cunning and skillful players from all over the world.


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Lots of different characters

The game features lots of different characters for you to choose from. Each has their own different background and a different story. In addition, with varied abilities and powers, your characters can take on different roles during your battles. You can either be a medic, sniper, saboteur, and so on. The only limitation is your creativity.

Highly tactically-involved gameplay

By having many accessible characters, you’re also allowed to make various team composition. This adds a lot to the tactical elements of the game, allowing the mastermind players to come up with various tactics to approach the game.

You’ll need to make uses of each individual team member’s abilities so that you can make your team more capable compared to the others. Come up with the right strategy as you lead your team to the victory.

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