Initiating this coach:

Press F1 at principle menu.

Tune in for ‘Coach Activated’.

Press craved hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the coach.EXPEDITIONS: VIKING - TRAINER

Mentor Options:

Working tool
  • NumPad1: Infinite Health
  • NumPad2: Unlimited Moves
  • NumPad3: Instant Win Fight
  • NumPad4: Change Stat Points By 5
  • NumPad5: Change Skill Points By 5
  • NumPad6: Instant Homestead Upgrades
  • NumPad7: Change Wood By 50
  • NumPad8: Change Valuables By 50
  • NumPad9: Change Salvage By 50
  • NumPad0: Change Rations By 50
  • NumPad/: Change Medicine By 50
  • NumPad*: Change Meat By 50
  • NumPad-: Change Hides By 50
  • NumPad+: Change Herbs By 50
  • NumPad.: Reveal Current Map

Page UP: Unlimited Days

Page Down: Repair Item Under Cursor

Embed: Super Damage

Home: Unlimited Attacks

End: Change Morale By 5

Proofreader Options:

  • Detail Points
  • Ability Points
  • Assets: Wood
  • Assets: Valuables
  • Assets: Salvage
  • Assets: Rations
  • Assets: Medicine
  • Assets: Meat
  • Assets: Hides
  • Assets: Herbs


Unending Health: While dynamic your gathering has endless wellbeing amid battles. You can leave this alternative dynamic constantly.

Boundless Moves: While dynamic your gathering has boundless development focuses. Incapacitate BEFORE ENDING TURN OR IT AFFECTS THE ENEMY AS WELL!

Moment Win Fight: While in battle press hotkey and you right away won the battle.

Detail/Skill Points/Change Morale: Open the expertise page of the character and press hotkey to include more. You should close and open it again to see the esteem has refreshed.

Assets: Click on residence and roll out your improvements on the editorial manager or press hotkey. Close the estate window and you will see the assets have changed.

Moment Homestead Upgrades: While dynamic you have to go on the guide and all residence updates are in a split second wrapped up.

Uncover Current Map: While dynamic the present guide (not minimap) is completely uncovered.

Boundless Days: While dynamic the measure of days won’t change when travel and so on.

Repair Item Under Cursor: Open your stock and keeping in mind that dynamic mouse HOVER the thing and it will be repaired. Bear in mind to deactivate.

Super Damage: While dynamic the following hit will execute the objective. As this likewise incorporates foe assaults you should be exceptionally cautious not having this choice dynamic and a foe plays out an open door assault. Additionally deactivate this choice before completion your turn!

Boundless Attacks: While dynamic you can assault boundless circumstances with a solitary character. Deactivate before consummation your turn!

*Use this link to download EXPEDITIONS: VIKING – TRAINER on your Windows or Mac Computer.
*Use or download EXPEDITIONS: VIKING – TRAINER using your Windows, Mac, iOS or Android device. You can unlock the download link and save it for later.


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