Robbery Bob 2 v1.6.8.9 (MOD Unlimited Coins)

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Tired of being the hero in every game that you played? Looking for a more refreshing and entertaining way of playing your games? And more specifically, you’re interested in the life of a robber? Then you would certainly find this interesting title of Robbery Bob 2 v1.6.8.9 (MOD Unlimited Coins) being extremely fun and satisfying to enjoy.

Join our favorite Bob the robber in this second installment of the famous franchise. Guide our “hero” Bob through a series of interesting in-game challenges, take on a variety of interesting missions, assist him as he performs his ultimate robbery missions. Enjoy a whole new journey in Robbery Bob 2.

Find out more about this awesome game from Level Eight AB with our reviews.

Robbery Bob 2 v1.6.8.9 (MOD Unlimited Coins) Story

In the game, Android gamers will find themselves playing as the famous robber in the city who’ve successfully finish all of his missions in the past. Thus, making him the target for the entire police force in the city.

And during one of your great escape, you’ve accidentally smashed through the wedding of a mafia boss and ruin it. Now, you find yourself working for the mob to repay for what you did. Using your stealthy abilities, you’ll need to take on a series of interesting and challenging missions. Infiltrate into other’s houses, criminal hideouts, police stations, and many other places to collect what you need.

Work your way around the varied setups and terrains to effectively evade enemies’ supervisions. Stay away from the guards and the unfriendly dogs. Make uses of your skills and certain props to work your way inside without being detected. Collect and retrieve what you needed and head out as nothing has happened. Learn how to become the ultimate robber with this awesome game.

Robbery Bob 2 v1.6.8.9 (MOD Unlimited Coins)

Robbery Bob 2 v1.6.8.9 (MOD Unlimited Coins) Features

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and intuitive controls for you to quickly get started

Android gamers in Robbery Bob 2 will find themselves enjoying the game with little problems, especially when you have access to the simple and intuitive touch controls in the game. This would help you effectively work your way through the missions. Make uses of the intuitive touch buttons to freely move around, setting up your traps, work around the environments to hide away, and make your great escapes with the available boosters and gadgets.

Experience a whole new adventure with Robbery Bob 2

Fans of the famous Robbery Bob will finally have their chances to enjoy this awesome mobile game on their Android devices with the return of the man of steel. And this time, you’ll find him getting caught in all kinds of trouble due to his stealthy nature. From crashing through a mobster’s daughter’s wedding, you’ll find yourself fighting against Dr. Thievious as you try to stop his schemes, or even get to know if aliens actually exist? Interesting adventures and stories await.

Robbery Bob 2 v1.6.8.9 (MOD Unlimited Coins)2

Many interesting levels with varied gameplay to explore

And as you progress through your different adventures, you’ll also find the game featuring some of the most interesting stealthy gameplay. Start by having the players working through more than 100 different levels, each features its own unique puzzles and setups. Complete one quest after another as you find yourself advancing through the streets of the Playa Mafioso, Shamville, Seagull Bay, and so on.

Enjoy the unique and satisfying Hide and Seek gameplay

For those of you who’re interested, you’ll also find the unique Hide and Seek gameplay in Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble being extremely fun and enjoyable. Start by having our bob sneaking around the houses with his tip-toe moves, quickly hug walls to avoid being detected, create diversions to escape the guards, and sprint with your quick feet to avoid being caught whenever they chase after you. A lot of fun and excitement are waiting for you.

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